Why choose us?

Ed Byerly started Oregon Pest Control in 1996 and has served the greater Eugene/Springfield area since 1980.

Oregon Pest Control offers residential, commercial, monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annual and one time treatments. We also offer Real Estate inspections (W.D.O), pre-sale inspections and minor repairs.

We use the least amount of product possible, never over-spray an area, and offer a 10% discount to first time home owners, students, and seniors.

Our tips for protecting your home and
business from unwanted pests are below.
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The front line - Facts ‘n tips for protecting
your home or business between visits from the bug man.

  • 1

    Keep bushes and trees at least a foot away from your home to help prevent problems with spiders and other insects. Also keep mature trees trimmed and away from the house, to stop roof rats from accessing the roof or attic of the house.

  • 2

    Two German cockroaches and their offspring can create 80,000 roaches within 1 year.

  • 3

    Make sure you can't see daylight through the bottom of your exterior doors (i.e. front door and garage access door). If so adjust the height of the door threshold and/or add weather striping seals to the door.

  • 4

    Fleas can remain frozen for a year and survive.

The usual suspects - Common critters to look out for.